DIFFICULT Solve this puzzle - 6,4,5,1,3,8,7,4


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First 2 logics are same
And next 2 logics should also be same. If we go by this logic then it comes like above.
Good morning sir,

Thanks for your explanation.

But one small problem, in 11 th question I am not understanding the third row how we got this order, please explain once again that row.

Sorry for asking again and again.
Please sir.

Thank You.
This seems good.

But the other one doesn't seem right : it should have been 6*6=36, 4*416, 36-16=20 according to the logic.
It's correct. Look at the circle in halves. The left half gives you the upper values 33 and 55 by squaring the numbers and subtracting it. Similarly the right half gives you the value by squaring the greater number of the two and subtracting it from the other.