MODERATE Error of 10% Excess on Opposite Sides of Square and 10% Shortage on Other

Let original area, A = x² ; side = x
By counting error in it,
Side AB = x + 0.1x = 1.1x
Side BC = x - 0.1x = 0.9x
So now, New area (say) Z = 1.1x*0.9x = 0.99x²
So Error percent. = {(A -Z)/A}*100
= (1 - 0.99)*100
= 1% Ans
While measuring the sides of a square ABCD, (with AB, BC, CD, and DA being its sides and, AB and CD being opposite sites and, BC and DA being opposite sides) :

1> an error of 10% in excess is made on opposite sides AB and CD, and
2> an error of 10% shortage is made on opposite sides BC and DA.

What is the error percentage in the calculated area when compared to the original area?